Mt Tomah Botanic Gardens

Spent a damp and windy morning wandering around the magnificent installations at Mt Tomah Botanic Gardens last weekend. With some amazing landscaping, the gardens are a pleasure to explore, with blackstone steps and an impressive display or waratahs.

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The waterfall is a striking modernist display, with the sound of the rushing water making an immediate contrast with the birdsong silence of the mountains.  Although it was a damp, dreary day, there were plenty of people walking around, with raincoats and umbrellas exploring the many stepped gardens.

The Waratah display was hard to miss.  Apparently Mt Tomah Botanic Gardens sits in a great position for the plants to thrive.  There was a prominent display of hybrids and clones of waratahs in the reception center.  Personally I have never really taken a fancy to waratahs, but it is quite clear that they have a special allure.  There was something magical about them in the misty morning light.

The landscaping around the gardens is quite remarkable.  I loved the stone steps and the curves leading to each garden room.
The cool climate plantings are especially brilliant in early spring.  The rhododendrons were in full flower, you can see a white example at the rear of this image.


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  2. That thing is serious! I would put it smack into the middle of my edibles garden so there would be some structure there instead of just a big odd space! Gosh, it's really beautiful.

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