When Will My Chickens Lay Eggs?

The chickens have an established hen house, are free rage for over an acre of lush woodland, and have great feed pellets supplemented with delicious kitchen scraps. But NO EGGS!

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Someone said that the eggs are being laid, just that we are not finding them - so we have been looking very carefully around the plants and the day roosting areas. Nothing.

Also have noted how rough the chickens are on the landscape in general. The native grasses I planted to stop the erosion have taken a battering and I would estimate we have lost about a third of them to being uprooted or simply trampled.


  1. They have started laying now - it was just a while getting started!
    Plus found a great stach of eggs down by the creek, appaernetly one of the girls must have liked a water view whilst she laid!

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  2. Chickens lay eggs after around 22-24 weeks, and the first few times if you are free ranging like we are, you might not even know because they have found some nice quiet place in the shade away from everything.

    My best advice is to let them out in the morning and follow the first bird who runs off in a dither and see where she ends up - surprisingly we have found 16, 18 even, one lucky time 44! eggs sitting there waiting in a clutch!