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Giving Gourmet Hampers as Family Presents

Yes, it's Christmas Time - and we all know what that means!  If you rolled your eyes or yawned or approach the whole Season Greetings with a cynical or negative attitude, stop and think for a minute.  Making the difference between a joyous sharing occasion and a slow, sad nothingness is sometimes all a matter of what you actually do.

So for Christmas 2013, make a promise to actually get involved and DO SOMETHING instead of just blindly mumbling platitudes and going through the motions.  You can make a real difference in another person's heart by giving and sharing and hell, it might even lighten your own load a little....

Christmas 2013 Gift Giving Begins in the Heart

Here's an observation from one of our Christmas Staff about why she makes extra time in her schedule to give to others who may not have enjoyed the same opportunities and advantages in life that she did.

Christmas is a season of giving and sharing the spirit of connection between what sometimes might be total strangers to achieve peace, happiness and sharing.

Donating Charity Hampers

My husband and I haven't shared Christmas gifts for many years now. It started as "let's spend all the Xmas Present money on the children," way back when we were struggling to get established.

Then as we got older and the kids became a little more independent it moved on to "well we have whatever we need and buy what ever we want so really why focus on the specific day of Christmas, or the Holiday period?".

Xmas Gifts with Genuine Meaning and True Emotion

And now as we are really even older ( I hate how that happens but it does!) we have moved to we have so much and others are clearly less fortunate than us so we take what we would spend on Christmas Presents and give it to the local Charity Christmas Appeal.

I have grown up with guilt as many have and find myself sometimes feeling way too guilty about what I have and what others don't - and at Christmas Time it seems to highlight that feeling even more.

Sending a Charity Present using the Internet at Christmas

It sounds funny, but I really do get so much more out of thinking that some child has something that they may not have had beacause of our Charity Giving at Christmas.

To me the spirit of Christmas is ALL about giving and I get a mini high on it so that's my gift to myself. Being generous is such a private pleasure, but it does alleviate some of my anxiety that if it weren't for some damn lucky financial decisions and just sticking it out during the bad times, my life would be a whole lot worse than it has been.

Is the Spirit of Christmas alive in 2013?

The Spirit of Christmas Giving is actually doing something - not merely nice thoughts -  whatever makes you feel happy and if Presents and Xmas gifts do it - hey the fact that we find what makes us happy is a gift in itself.

Enjoy your christmas, Xmas, Chrissy - whatever you choose to call it - here's to a happy, healthy and fun one.

Where Do I buy Christmas Hampers in Sydney?

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Hampers and Gift Baskets are much the same thing in Australia.
 Answering the Popular Question
 How do I send a
Christmas Gift Basket in Sydney?

Entertaining friends and guests with some fresh locally sourced nibbles
Putting the whole bottle or jar on the table encourages people to try new things.
Crusty Breads and peppery cheeses are a fine counterpoint to zesty wines and cocktails
People are always coming up to me asking about where to find a good hamper in Sydney for Christmas.  I like to think that making a good hamper is really no secret and is basically all about the content - plus some clever attention to detail when presenting the hamper as a finished product. 

But just as often, I see the jumble discount bin at the bigger department stores filled with an assortment of what could loosely be called hampers with big red letters screaming out a discount.  So I guess what you could ask is what is the difference between the wow factor you would love to share and the errgh factor you wouldn't even buy at 70% OFF.

For an intimate friend I would suggest going online and looking for a gourmet delicatessen that has good turnover and plenty of walk by traffic.  This shows that people actually do order and eat their lunch from the business and that it must be keeping fresh, of the moment foods and condiments. 

Next, when they aren't in the middle of rush hour - like say go at 10am or 3pm when they have a few minutes to spare and can give your request a decent thought through, approach them and ask if it would be p[ossible to make a hamper from their products.