Tree ferns in Spring

fronds of the rough tree fern in backyard setting
 Here is a Cyathea australis from 15 months ago and how it has established itself in a fairly shady section of the garden.
The chickens are completely at home in the dense undergrowth - they huddle like this when they are scared - I have only had these birds for a few months and have not handled them so they are virtually wild except for when they return to the chicken coop each sunset.
 Here is an example of how I have built up the base of the citrus so the organic compost and cow manure stays in place despite the attention of the chickens and erosion from rain and watering.  I place the manure underneath bricks and pavers and then back fill the gaps with broken sticks and branches so there is no exposed earth for the chickens to dig up or water to wash away.

Even here you can see how over time the mound around each citrus has built up providing valuable organic matter that is well drained.

Going to the Local Markets

clothes handmade on hangers at regional stallholders markets

family buying local gourmet food at the marketsIt's always a pleasure to walk amongst the smiling faces at the local markets.

Especially when there is a great variety of genuine, regional produce hand assembled by people with a real passion for what they are promoting.

Sunny day, a couple of friends and the kids stumbling through the crowd makes for a great way to bump into old friends and see some of the finest gourmet foods, handmade clothes and local artisan designs in the one place. 

Sure beats walking around like a zombie in an air conditioned shopping center.