Going to the Local Markets

clothes handmade on hangers at regional stallholders markets

family buying local gourmet food at the marketsIt's always a pleasure to walk amongst the smiling faces at the local markets.

Especially when there is a great variety of genuine, regional produce hand assembled by people with a real passion for what they are promoting.

Sunny day, a couple of friends and the kids stumbling through the crowd makes for a great way to bump into old friends and see some of the finest gourmet foods, handmade clothes and local artisan designs in the one place. 

Sure beats walking around like a zombie in an air conditioned shopping center.


  1. Everyone loves a local market, especially featuring fine handmade goods.

  2. Every time we buy something handmade we are giving people inspiration and validation..

    1. Handmade is what it is all about these days - haven't you heard?

  3. Fantastic Words, if you have felt pain, you will appeciate this.

  4. Put yourself out there, reach out to new customers, and get involved with the booming local arts and crafts markets for a rewarding way to spend your day with your family.