Emerging Fern Curls Unfurling

Have been down the backyard digging some holes to finish the staircase and was distracted by the unfurling fern curls emerging.  I could almost hear them crinkling undone.  The fern curls have such a beautiful immediacy, that they have such fertility and growth ready to spring out.  Anyway, here's some images from today...

Australian Summer Heat and Humidity

Noxious Weeds for Removal
After the heatwave the garden has suffered with burnt fern fronds and drooping palms.  It was a pleasure to finally have to water the garden after such a long time relying wholly on rainfall.  We have been busy installing a recycled industrial staircase in the garden so we have easier access to the deep backyard.

But it is a pleasure to hear the dripping rain and watch from our back verandah.

Planting your Vegetable Garden

Some inspiration on the how when and where for planting your vegetable garden.