Transplanting Cyathea Tree Ferns

Cyathea cooperi Tree Fern after being moved
 This is a five year old Cyathea cooperi Tree Fern which we transplanted from its original postion to this spot.

You can see how I dug down about 500mm for the rootball to be covered at ground level and then built up organic matter (cow manure and compost) around the base and trunk for stability and to keep the moisture in.  This is very effective in giving transplanted tree ferns the damp but not moist conditions they thrive in, plus it saves having to build stakes around the plant for structural support.

I used about fifteen rocks to keep the base firm and to protect it from foraging chickens, as well as about eight bricks to stop erosion from watering.  The rootball at 5 years is about the 500mm across, and I did chop it back a bit for shape with a spade to give the rootball as neat fit with the hole.

Using three 25L bags of cow manure and about 2 bags of compost means the plant has plenty of nutrient rich media to grow into as it settles into place.  I imagine it will take 18 months to settle in completely and re establish the fronds to the previous length, which was about 3m long and about 15 fronds.

Fresh Fruit Basket Delivery Service

For a Great Fresh Fruit Delivery Service featuring some fine market fresh fruit as the hero, you simply can't go past this mob.

Have just seen the new website post launch and it is a stand out.

Fresh Fruit Delivery Service Sydney
New Fresh Fruit Hamper Delivery Website

Fruit Hampers Info

 When you want to send a Fruit Hamper or Fruit Basket, there are three things you need to keep in mind.  Making sure you are getting value for money, getting a generous fruit arrangement, and being able to rely on an experienced designer to create you fruit hamper.  Importantly, it is not about the sheer convenience of using a local florist - there is a distinct difference between a florists' effort and the generous market fresh of a true fruit hamper specialist.

1.  Getting Value for Money
Fruit Hampers Info offers a simple pricing schedule of $59 small, $79 large and $99 Grande.  Most times you will be satisfdied with a small, as it is generous enough for a couple of people to have a few serves fo fruit over the week.

For a bigger impact, go Grande and share the benefits of larger fruits, more diversity and seasonal gems as they are available.  Be aware that a florists' idea of a fruit basket - and the small size of counted fruit pieces - like eight pieces of fruit in an arrangement for $80.

2. Generous Fruit Arrangement
Fruit Hampers are all about sharing the freshest seasonal fruit in a way that shows generosity, abundance and a genuine feeling of giving - all of this is dependent on an approach where plenty of fruit is included.  You want the basket overflowing with fruit, and brimming with whatever is in peak season.

People appreciate a good serving of fruit and notice that the time and effort is equal to the occasion.

3.  Experienced Designers Make a Difference.
Knowing how to put together the right fruit basket makes a real difference when you are aiming to make a lasting impression.