Platycerium Staghorns

Playtceriums are also known as Staghorns or Elkhorns are epiphytic rainforest ferns that adapt well to backyard conditions provided you offer plenty of water at critical times. 

In their natural habitat, Staghorns usually grow high up in the branch junctions of trees, so they are comfortable in strong light, though it is not advisable to expose Staghorns to excessive direct sunlight.

Staghorns have two kinds of fronds, a base 'shield' frond that is brown and acts as a support attaching to the tree branch, and the forked, spreading frond, shaped like antlers that gives the plant it's name. 

The plant survives by trapping organic waste in the fronds and converting it into food.  The antler like fronds make this possible - and for this reason it is worth adding sphagnum moss or coir or even potting mic to the fern from above.

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