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View of the Backyard 2011
Hi, and welcome to my blog featuring Australian Gardening Ideas, Designs and Plant Ideas for sustainable and organic gardening in the suburban setting.  I'm trying to be organic and sustainable, but sometimes it just isn't practical, but I like to keep those concepts in mind. 

First, let me introduce myself; I live in Merewether, Newcastle, Australia, on a large block backing onto bush reserve.  I have spent the past three years clearing the weeds from the backyard and am in the process of re-planting the space with Australian Native Plants.  Gourmet Hampers Australia. In that time I have learned a lot about patience and timing but thankfully the drought has ended and I am enjoying the period of sustainable growth without excessive watering.

My next plan is to add a chicken coop and enjoy fresh eggs and intense organic fertiliser.  Keep coming back and I'll let you share in the journey...

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