Some more local animal life

Spent some time outside in the rains and came across some great little creatures hiding in our backyard. It seems our policy of no pesticides, cats and encouraging bird life is working although the evidence is not strictly scientific, there is plenty alive and making scurrying around.

The green tree frog was really difficult to spot in the first instance, but once I had
it in my frame it compliantly sat by and let me take a few shots, just blinking with the flash. After three shots I left it alone.

Next, we came across a turtle and this one was particularly tricky to catch - they just seem to dissolve into the mud and leave no trace - so it was a relief to actually keep hold of it. We walked up and down in the muddy shallows and felt for the shells with our bare feet, then quickly bent down to pick then up in our hands. We caught one and it wasn't the tiny penny turtles we were seeking, but still was small enough.

Next, a bit easier to catch was the Eastern Water Dragon - which you may not even notice when you are walking through the bush - just hear a rustle by the creek or hear a dollop as it escapes into the water. They are very skittish and have a handy set of fangs so handle with care, holding just behind the jaws/head.

See up close how the water dragon has such a beautiful mosaic of scales.

Have been featuring wildlife a bit lately, will make an effort to get some autumn gardens and particular plant stories up next.

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